what’s E-therapy? part One: e mail remedy

a variety of human beings are inquisitive about E-remedy, with top cause! I manifest to assume it is clean, reachable, cheap, and fits modern manner of lifestyles as properly or better than conventional therapy. Of direction, as an E-Therapist, I admit my bias. unfortunately, proper now there’s not a variety of desirable facts to help human beings discover extra about what E-remedy can provide.

it is why I determined to create a four-component series explaining a bit bit extra about what E-therapy is. element One describes e mail remedy.

A healing e mail is written in response to a client e mail. it’s miles usually several pages long and will mirror on thoughts and feelings the client has shared with the therapist. e-mail therapy also provides thoughtful open-ended questions, Kopping Stavanger and offers affirmation and guide. In brief, it intends to include all of the key factors of a face-to-face remedy session, translated onto paper.

e mail remedy is unique from other types of E-remedy because it is asynchronous. This just means is that it doesn’t have to happen at the identical time. at the same time as some other kind of remedy requires the therapist and the customer to be focused on the remedy at the same time, email therapy allows the patron to ship or check their email at any time of the day or night time. For night shift employees, or mothers with active young children, this can be a godsend.

electronic mail remedy creates the possibility for what I call processing, an detail vital for healthy healing from a hassle situation. Processing genuinely manner that we’re sorting via what is going on incorrect in our lives, assigning which means to it, and giving ourselves a manner to transport on. Writing speeds up processing because it accesses a different degree of our mind characteristic. have you ever written some thing and questioned in which that got here from? that’s what i’m speakme approximately right here.

In writing, we may be more uninhibited and on the equal time more specific. we can evaluate data earlier than the “send” button is hit, permitting us to feature or subtract pieces of the story as is desired for our focus. In email remedy, you are essentially growing a presentation for the therapist, allowing him or her to 0 in on your precise story and provide useful existence feedback.

The asynchronous nature of e-mail communique also lets in a therapist to expand what is called a “zone of reflection.” (Kraus et al., 2010) this means the counselor can thoughtfully procedure what the client has stated and reply to it as insights develop. I cannot inform you how typically after a synchronous consultation when i have wanted I may want to upload some thing to my earlier consumer feedback. After an in-person session it’s too past due, and the customers pass over out. email verbal exchange gathers the pleasant reaction the therapist has to offer.

clients also benefit because of having a written reaction from a therapist that they could talk over with time and again. that is extremely useful as regularly critical gains in therapy may be misplaced between weekly conferences. however in e-mail remedy, the profits are still there to return to on every occasion the customer desires them. occasionally also a patron similarly wishes a touchstone with their therapist between periods. Re-analyzing the therapist’s e mail at a time when they might usually be unavailable, say, a weekend, can provide the purchaser with wanted guide throughout a low factor.

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