Domestic reworking Contractor offers owners invoice of Rights

property owner invoice of Rights

searching around for a home reworking contractor? recognize your rights!

this is my own edition of the U.S. invoice of Rights, for owners, with a few extra mind of mine:

1. Freedom of Speech.

Your evaluations count. You do not should pay attention, “listen woman (or pal), i’m the professional!” You need to be dealt with with courtesy and recognize.

(easy for me, due to the fact that eighty% of humans are clean to get along with, Home improvement projects and i do not paintings for the alternative 20%.)

2. The proper not to endure arms.

You should no longer be on guard whilst employees are around. every worker must be any individual you’re happy to have in your own home.

(I individually handiest hire people i’m satisfied to have over for dinner.)

three. No lodges for employees.

You aren’t required to supply food, drinks or some other inns for employees. employed fingers be just right for you.

(And permit’s just not have your house and premises get cluttered up with soda cans, sandwich wrappers or cigarette butts as a task progresses, okay?)

four. Freedom from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.

You deserve security that workers will no longer disturb your spaces and property, whether or not you are at home or now not.

(Why lease someone you don’t trust? don’t trouble. maintain looking.)

3. proper to Due system.

you are due complete disclosure of all job conditions and information of what your cash is shopping for earlier than you’re making a deposit, draw fee or final payment.

(You have to be as satisfied paying your property transforming contractor as you are when you are purchasing a extraordinary meal at your preferred eating place.)

4. proper to a fast and quality-Inspected task.

There should be no unknown gaps in provider or undue waits for first-rate inspections.

(“Do it right. Do it rapid. Make it look easy.” a favourite slogan of mine, taught to me by using one of my mentors.)

5. right of Trial via Jury.

You, your Architect and the neighborhood constructing Inspector are the choose and jury. you’ve got complete proper to require any substandard paintings be remedied.

(whilst you treat every patron like a close buddy, you intend on being on that deck you are building, at their son’s commencement birthday party or whatnot. A certain satisfactory control units in when that mindset is hooked up at the beginning of any job.)


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