a way to grow Flowering Herbs – part 1

Annual Flowering Herbs

Petunia- (Petunia spp.)

Petunias are smooth flowering herbs that enhance the garden with a variety of hanging colorings which include, red, crimson, white, violet or a aggregate of white stripped with violet or blue.

they’re greater attractive when planted closely in flower beds forming a blanket of purple or velvet blossoms. Petunias are primarily cultivated in pots or window containers.

Soil requirements.

The excellent soil in which petunias are extra adaptable is a nicely-drained, bydgoszcz kwiaciarnia fertile, sandy loam soils.


Petunias are propagated by using seeds sown in germinating trays or seed packing containers and in a while thinned and planted in pots or beds.

plant life in complete bloom can be introduced in the house for a day or however should be exposed to complete or partial daylight to keep regular increase.

Cock’s Comb – (Celosia argentia cristata )

There are two kinds of cock’s comb like; dwarf and tall or medium peak types.

There are as many colours of the rainbow as there are cock’s comb types. most often, the dwarf types are planted in group as low borders, whilst the taller sorts function heritage and basis planting.

Thee plant life stalks vary in size where the taller ones have bigger clusters.


Cock’s comb are without difficulty propagated through seeds both via direct seeding or transplanted singly by way of seedlings.

when direct seeding is implemented, you need to do the thinning to keep away from overcrowding of the flowers.

Marigold – (Tagetes erecta)

Marigold, a native of Mexico is a member of the sunflower family is a hardy annual, hairy, producing plant life with raised centers of golden-orange petals progressively turning to reddish-brown in the outer petals.

Soil requirements.

Marigold prospers first-rate in a light loam soil with a terrific drainage and uncovered to full sunlight.


Propagation by way of seeds is the only approach to multiply marigold. they’re easy to grow although they seem to vanish in maximum gardens.

Balsam or contact-Me-no longer – (Impatiens oppositfolia, I. glandulifira )

a local of Africa, balsam or touch-me-no longer derived its call from its characteristics in which the culmination whilst contact at ripening degree burst even just upon a slight contact.
they’ve a hanging lovely plants ranging from pink, white, crimson, and pink double petalled which resembles the rose plant life.

Soil necessities.

Balsam typically prefers rich fertile soil with considerable daylight.


Balsam can effortlessly be germinated with the aid of seeds. The seeds easily germinate whilst touch to the floor.

Carnation – (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Carnations are adorable, double-fringed, fragrant plant life. they may be favorites as reduce vegetation, for borders and beds.

appropriate as potted flora, carnation, when planted nicely blooms five to 6 months. they’ll final for greater years if you’ll well care them and fertilized well.

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